We are living in a divided world. How we see our world, how we react differs from people to people. We all have our ideological alignments. It is like a bubble we have wrapped ourselves. Why do treat humans differently on color, caste, religion, or sex? Is it because we are uneducated or educated irrational […]


Ambitions are what defines our journey. People around us have a role to play. It is like a fuel that keeps us going. There are no right or wrong options and, a lot depends on what is our true north. Our world wants us to follow a destined template. It can jeopardize one’s ambition. So […]


We have our limited perspective and opinions, like a frog in a small well, assuming this is how the world is. Seeing an opportunity and world with an opaque lens creates a bias. It makes us less rational. The glass is half empty and half full at the same time. Why do we have to […]


I can write a 100-page book talking to a half dozen folks around me. Most of us are not satisfied with what we have. We seek something better. It seems we are not living our life but a fighter inside a video game. It is like we have endless unmet desires we are chasing and […]


Yoga is a new cool. It creates a billion $$ worth of income and jobs for social media millennials who educate their followers. Consumerism is a flavor of our society and, Yoga is riding on it. I hope it does good for our civilization. The Indian government is also encouraging the movement.  I have been […]


We are running on a treadmill. A lot of this blame goes to our parents and society. The level of expectations put on young shoulders by Indian parents is undoubtedly beyond the limits.  There is a checklist made as we age. This system makes life miserable for women, a constant nudge of getting married and […]


I have been regularly running for over six years now. It has been more of a meditation for me and helps with clear thoughts. I am not a gym person and quit cycling as well after a morning riding accident. I have been in on and off knee pain because of running. Last week I […]


Can you lead with fear or putting guns on the head of your team? Isn’t a team is about working together for a common cause? The modern world runs on money. People join and leave for better money. But how long can money subside over shitty work conditions or treated like a slave with a […]


Our desires have no limit. If we start writing a bucket list, most of us will end up filling a few hundred pages. It is good to have a bucket list. But what happens to us when these lists end up being unmet? Does it make us love the world and people around us less? […]