A lot many friends of mine think my view of seeing life is very pessimistic. I tend to disagree; I have read Arthur Schopenhauer and his philosophy of Pessimism. But at the same time, I do like the teachings of believe in Diogenes, the cynic philosopher, and Epictetus, the slave stoic philosopher. I like friends […]


Finding who you are from within, one piece of advice I have been telling everyone. It is easy to get lost in the external world or fall prey to the world shown by society. As Socrates said: acquiring self-knowledge and what J Krishnamurti said: finding who you are. These are not just philosophical sayings but […]


This time it’s different. Our media likes to publish now and then about the pandemic, pollution, or recession. We are told how our world is falling apart and, we should be prepared to build our own Noah’s Arch. We, humans, thrive on uncertainty. The dinosaurs disappeared, pandemic came, world war happened, we bounced back from […]


You can’t force-feed a donkey and make them a racehorse. The sooner we understand it, the better it will be for us. Knowing our blind spot and circle of competence can change the way we see our life and work. We are living in a world where externalities are governing us, the decisions of our […]


Indians are not creative. They under-utilize the creative brain. Are we Indians not creative. Or is it because we are a developing economy and we have to work harder than our counterparts from the developed world for end meets? When our basic necessity is not with us, how will we think or be creative? When […]


Is it our culture, education system, or society that craves newcomers for being spoonfed or micromanaged? In my limited experience, I have seen most dislike in figuring out things: be it with life decisions, education, skill acquisition, or work. I have been interviewing candidates for various roles in the last few months, and most of […]