Have you ever spent some time revisiting memories of your school, college days? I spent last evening going through my school websites, checking on the archives, and all. It was like I am there in those moments: hostel, playground, mess, tuck shop. I could find myself everywhere, just a little lost and clueless, ignorant of […]


Are we a social animal or the herd? With the progress in civilization, we have gotten domesticated. We took shelters and created our identity with religion? Our daily work defined our social status. We moved to live in a bucket and society construct. Our identity got associated with the family we were born, caste/social status […]


“History Is Written by the Victors,”: Winston Churchill. That is why all his atrocities towards Indians got less attention than all his greatness. Does our history has any truth? How much do we know about the past? Artists, painters were commissioned to sing laurels, brevity. There was an exchange of money to write, paint. How […]

Star Trek

I am watching Star Trek again. My founders at Minio introduced me to it. Start Trek is not limited to space exploration, intergalactic expedition but; full of philosophy, leadership, and co-existence. It makes you think about our co-existence, challenges, and opportunity. The author was ahead of our time. Most of the devices used in the […]


My friend told me he would pursue art after retirement. At this point, it is all about grinding and running after money. I am not sure if retirement as a concept exists anymore. We are working throughout our life. Art is not a wine that gets better with age. It can be taken together with […]


The last 18 months have made me more empathetic with the telemarketing calls and people on the other side. It was not the case before. What has changed? I find myself in their shoe now. I am a sales guy now for our product. Every week, I write numerous emails, messages, and talk to people. […]


Society has associated success with the accumulation of wealth. The more money you have, the more successful you are. Is success the manifest of our wealth accumulation? Or is it about seeing people around you, believers getting better with you? Is it not about being together, going hand in hand with our life journey? How […]