I have been part of this Indian startup industry for some time. I have connected folks from various backgrounds to people who will fit for their service or skills. A founder I met yesterday asked me how much I charge for making an intro. I was dumbstruck, he mentioned in 5 years of his startup […]


More is what drives the world economy, be it production of newer iPhone or Tesla. The human mind craves more of everything, a small car over a big one, a big closet with cloths. Before advancement happened we had limitations: food, medicine, and arms. The consumerism mafia came all guns blazing, disguised under emotion we […]


Love is the connection, the willingness to go at any length to see others succeed without expectations. See a mother or a father how against all odds they ensure a healthy upbringing for their family. Love is the hugs, the happiness you witness in the eye of a newborn kid for their mother, the belief […]


A lie is a vice that has come to us humans by default. We lie as an escape mechanism. We lie to own something. We lie to get over something. The desire for self always takes over the rest or others. Many lies have killed people and turned great empires into ruins. Being in business […]


Running a startup is like sailing in a sea, your course depends on external factors like the tide and weather. One can strive to build an unsinkable ship. There is no perfect template for startup success. It requires much more than reading a book or taking advice from Twitter or a medium blog post. While […]


I am into sales now, since the product has matured and we are getting some traction via word to mouth. One of my key learning has been, being honest makes life better for both parties. Sales are more about a relationship than profit. People are generally helpful and good. They appreciate your effort if you […]


A mirror shows your external: the dress you wear, your hairstyle, skin color, and et all. The outward representation of self is just one part of us. The other hidden us beyond the mirror is our thoughts. Our thoughts play a key role in shaping who we are. It is less plastic or pretentious. We […]