We are all born narcissists. Some a little while others a lot. Our desire is to be loved and listened to. Some get angry, pensive when in a group, family, relationship others start getting all the focus and importance. On the scale of narcissism, one does the destruction. If you are or people are you […]


I keep hearing and sometimes argue over specifications, be it a product or design. We have their specific standards or best practices defined. For first-time users and emerging demography, these standards might not hold. I believe in minimalism (thanks to AB & minio) and the “don’t make me think” paradigm. At times we have to […]


I was with a few friends over dinner last night. We all were talking about subjects from work-life balance to managing a team. One thing was common: everyone has gone through the battle and has a scar. Life is not easy for anyone: be it an employee, founder, or investor. We are all fighting our […]


I finished reading Adam Grant’s: Think Again. The book talks about the power of learning by unlearning, shedding our biases, and seeing people, the world around us more objectively. We live in a society, spend time with people who agree with our view. It is like living in a walled garden with limited knowledge and […]


We are living in a divided world. How we see our world, how we react differs from people to people. We all have our ideological alignments. It is like a bubble we have wrapped ourselves. Why do treat humans differently on color, caste, religion, or sex? Is it because we are uneducated or educated irrational […]


Ambitions are what defines our journey. People around us have a role to play. It is like a fuel that keeps us going. There are no right or wrong options and, a lot depends on what is our true north. Our world wants us to follow a destined template. It can jeopardize one’s ambition. So […]