What is culture for any organization? I am asking it because, with my limited knowledge, it distinguishes between a winner and a loser. Most importantly, it’s learned by doing and, leaders need to lead it. It is an ever-evolving process.

With growth-driven entrepreneurship, hiring gets uttermost importance next to fundraising. The team has become a commodity or merely a resource. We need to ship new features for fundraising. Let’s hire a dozen resources for the same. In these environments only incentive that works is money. Some of us fall for the quick bucks and work without asking anything like a robot following instructions.

Some of us do care about the team, company, and its culture. We like to have our career growth defined along with the organization. Most importantly, we want to be part of the rocketship as co-creator. Monitory benefits come after it on the priority of picking or sticking to a job.

In a broken, corrupt organization, a leader says something and does another thing. Or the company is run by their yes men or family. What culture will it have?

In most cases: with rapid growth, culture takes a back seat. The company becomes mediocre from maverick. Guarding an organisation’s culture with scale is a true mantra and, only a handful have aced it.