Maverick Effect

Harish Mehta is one of the NASSCOM’s founding members and has written a book titled: Maverick Effect. The book talks about his life journey keeping NASSCOM at the center.

I was not aware of what all went through in the journey of making India an IT Nation. The role of NASSCOM as a lobbying body to help industry foster has been phenomenal. It was like reading some documentary in itself.

NASSCOM has fostered an Indo-US IT relationship as a flag bearer and evangelizing IT policy in the government.

The book talks about NASSCOM’s role in saving: Satyam after forgery by its founder Ramalingam Raju.
It also talks about bringing anti-piracy laws.

In short, I feel India’s IT policy and telecom revolution have some role in NASSCOM. That is what the author wants to convey in the book.