1. Look at the patterns of those things that affect you to understand cause-effect.
  2. Observe yourself, what changes you, and your thoughts. What you can do to keep going. 
  3. Embrace reality and deal with it.
  4. Visualize your needs. Dream it and take successful steps in deploying them. 
  5. If you can reconcile your emotions with logic and only act when they are aligned 
  6. Be a hyper realist. 
  7. Work effectively to be more productive. 
  8. Be radically open-minded and transparent.
  9. Don’t let fear of what others think of you stand in your way.
  10. Cherish the beauty of nature.
  11. Don’t keep a view on how things should be, learn the reality.
  12. Evolution is the constant and only reality.
  13. Evolve or die
  14. The key is to fail, learn and improve quickly.
  15. Evolution is humanity’s accomplishment and reward.
  16. The individual incentive should align with the group’s goal.
  17. Understanding the brain battle and how to control it will get you the desired result.
  18. Realize that the conscious mind is at war with the subconscious mind
  19. The most constant struggle is feeling and thinking
  20. Reconcile your feeling and thinking
  21. Choose your habits well.

Since the early days of building Taghash, I got a reading of habit, and unlike others, I preferred making notes on these books. After moving to Manipal, getting some time to dump those reading. I think this is from Ray Dalio’s: Principle book.