The Seven Sins of Memory

Psychology professor Daniel Schacter, proposes in The Seven Sins of Memory.

  • Our memory weakens and we lose memory over time.
  • We are preoccupied with distracting issues and don’t focus attention on what we need to remember.
  • We search for information that we may be desperately trying to retrieve – something we know that we know – but are blocked.
  • We assign memory to the wrong source.
  • Memories are implanted as a result of leading questions, comments, or suggestions when we try to call up a past experience.
  • Our present knowledge influences how we remember our pasts. We often edit or entirely rewrite our past experiences.
  • We recall disturbing events that we would prefer to eliminate from our minds altogether: remembering what we cannot forget, even though we wish that we could.

I found this interesting and worth sharing.