I have been asked about the books I have read of late. I have added some books comprising various categories: Philosophy, psychology, design, management, product, health. Running own enterprise is like being captain of a running a rocket ship, it is lonely most of the time and the reading book helps.

you can?

Going by a self-help book, TED talk, and survivorship bias it seems one can do anything. Everyone is selling us a dream, finding true love, a perfect job or entrepreneurial success path. Is it really possible for anyone to do anything? I agree we have gotten better over the years and becoming big is not […]


I keep hearing from my founder friends about many aspects of startups. Sometimes the conversation boils down to culture. The definition of culture differs from founder to founder. For some, it reflects in every action of theirs: sales, hiring, product. Running a startup is like watching the game of thrones, surviving in chaos. Marty Cagen […]


Going by media: newspaper, television and internet streams it seems we are all in some chaos. Everything looks messy, screwed up and worrisome. The movies, TV series portrays how bad corruption is and how lawmakers are sucking our blood. We humans react more to negativity. So media, Bollywood and the internet sell it. The attention […]


We were not born perfectionist. We are slaves to our desire and ego. As we progress in life journey, we learn, adapt and get better. Some of us improve our self, become a better version of self. Some continue living like an animal, on ego and desires. Charlie Munger says learn from others mistake and […]