Listening is one of the most important virtue for us. A good listener gets more love, respect, and recognition. This art can help us in being focused in all situations. A good founder grasps more from a board meeting. To me a great salesperson, you have to be a great listener. Not listening to your […]


Man is by nature a social animal. — Aristotle We like the people around us. We share our stories, mingle, jest and merry. It is like a lifeboat, helping us to pass the high tide. Find a network, be part of one or build one. As we age we will need more company, communication, and […]


I have been a longtime worshiper of process, grit, and perseverance. In my naive understanding, I had this belief I that I can achieve anything with the ingredients mentioned above. I had to do the rethinking last week after chatting with my friends on my pace and heart rate. On reading more I realized I […]