feature crap

As an early-stage startup building product from the ground up, please prioritize features early on. It is a feature creep that will kill you before the starvation of funds. It is very easy to fall for users feedback, compliment as an ego boost. We rally behind every other request we get from our users. We […]


Reading media gives a sense that we are in an apocalypse. Everything is getting hammered from health to economy to life. People are not only predicting the death of millions but completely reshape of the economy. Nobody has seen the future, yet everyone is predicting. This prediction is creating a panic. We don’t have everything […]


It’s always about money. People will lie to you. People will leave you. People will fight with you. People will make you vulnerable. You cannot blame them, the era of consumerism and hoarding has redefined the meaning of life and happiness. It is not their mistake, marketers are winning and our consciousness is continuously sedated.


One of the key learning from reading philosophy has been: There are only a few things in your control, be it life and work. We are living in uncertainty, we have no idea about how our peers, customers, loved ones react. We have to keep working, walking the path of virtue and enjoy the journey. […]


For the last 6 months, I have been reading one or the other books of Ruskin Bond. I took justbooks membership to read mostly short stories and fiction. The more I read Ruskin, the more I find myself in one or the other story of his. It is likability and similarity which drives me to […]


Being a woman in a patriarchal society like ours has never been easy. The duality of ours praying women as mother Kali/Laxmi at the same time ill-treating wife, mother, sister is a daily occurrence. We forget the reality that its mother who keeps a child in her womb before he comes to life. It is […]


In the busy world of communication, we are always glued. The destination has shortened, the relationship has shrunk. We have gone social with everything, our best possession of being with parents in their older days have gotten impossible. We can blame it for migration, an opportunity for work and all. If we are not giving […]


Sometimes we have to question everything: decisions, situation et all. Asking questions makes us more aware of ourselves. We either get too comfortable with us or forget who we were before. Asking questions does not mean being our biggest critique but minimizing future disasters by knowing what in the past did not work.