I was with a few friends over dinner last night. We all were talking about subjects from work-life balance to managing a team. One thing was common: everyone has gone through the battle and has a scar. Life is not easy for anyone: be it an employee, founder, or investor. We are all fighting our […]


I finished reading Adam Grant’s: Think Again. The book talks about the power of learning by unlearning, shedding our biases, and seeing people, the world around us more objectively. We live in a society, spend time with people who agree with our view. It is like living in a walled garden with limited knowledge and […]


We are living in a divided world. How we see our world, how we react differs from people to people. We all have our ideological alignments. It is like a bubble we have wrapped ourselves. Why do treat humans differently on color, caste, religion, or sex? Is it because we are uneducated or educated irrational […]


Ambitions are what defines our journey. People around us have a role to play. It is like a fuel that keeps us going. There are no right or wrong options and, a lot depends on what is our true north. Our world wants us to follow a destined template. It can jeopardize one’s ambition. So […]


We have our limited perspective and opinions, like a frog in a small well, assuming this is how the world is. Seeing an opportunity and world with an opaque lens creates a bias. It makes us less rational. The glass is half empty and half full at the same time. Why do we have to […]


I can write a 100-page book talking to a half dozen folks around me. Most of us are not satisfied with what we have. We seek something better. It seems we are not living our life but a fighter inside a video game. It is like we have endless unmet desires we are chasing and […]


One positive side of a small startup is the bond, togetherness. Everything else comes afterward. The happy, sad moments, cry, laugh, and celebrations we are all together in it. The first sales close, customers appreciation mail, Whatsapp message. It forms a small part of our life’s journey. After all, nothing is permanent. Money decides your […]


Yoga is a new cool. It creates a billion $$ worth of income and jobs for social media millennials who educate their followers. Consumerism is a flavor of our society and, Yoga is riding on it. I hope it does good for our civilization. The Indian government is also encouraging the movement.  I have been […]