In his book ‘no rules rules’; Reed Hastings talks about building an organization on an analogy of a sports team, not as a family. When you are building a sports team, you will pick the best. People will compete and perform at their peak and byproduct being team winning. There will be no mediocrity. When […]


Reed Hastings: No rules rules talk about “don’t seek to please your boss.” In the end, it is about the company, not an individual persona. It is okay to be dissent, ask questions, and give feedback. It reminded me of Ray Dalio’s Radical openness. If the organization and management run on pleasing their leaders, how […]


We are all humans; we are not perfect. We commit all kinds of mistakes in life: be it work, life, or relationship. We should learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them. That will do justice. It is easy to sulk in deep emotional outbursts, depression which is not the solution. Socrates stressed acquiring self-knowledge. […]


There is some part of emotions always associated with entrepreneurship. It could be with an idea, team, or journey. I have been talking to a lot of friends, and everyone agrees to it. The experienced funders suggest being more rational and less emotional. We are dealing with humans, and there will be differences with co-founders, […]