There is some part of emotions always associated with entrepreneurship. It could be with an idea, team, or journey. I have been talking to a lot of friends, and everyone agrees to it. The experienced funders suggest being more rational and less emotional. We are dealing with humans, and there will be differences with co-founders, […]


Running a ship in uncharted territory is challenging. Most of it has surprises, good and bad. It’s the people who keep it sailing. It requires a lot of self-belief, focus, and grit. The complimentary skillset of an individual’s help in tough times. The same goes with running a startup. In the end, it is about […]


Is multitasking the need of the hour? Can’t we focus on one thing and give our best in it? Is multitasking a byproduct of modernization and the connected world we are? We are running so fast that we are getting injured more often. The precision with which work was done earlier is getting scarce. Deep […]


A founder’s life is lonely. It is always day zero. It circles around uncertainty. Someday the trusted best-performing employee will resign or the other your customer. From cook, negotiator, coder, mentor. Everything comes on a single plate. I know there are million-odd videos on youtube and a million other podcast guiding how to start a […]


Silicon Valley, tech crunch, and abundance of money have glorified founding a company. In the early ’90s, people built a company because they had the option to pursue their dreams. It was more about innovation. Most of them worked for many years out of their garage. The capital was limited. Fast forward to 2020, media […]


What will happen to the plane if the co-pilot is not sticking to him checklist? It will result in an accident. A plane requires both pilots to stick to their task. What will happen if the crew will not serve their passengers with love and care? There will be an uproar. What will happen if […]


After a few months, I am out, meeting friends in person and some shared incidents about layoffs. COVID has changed market dynamics and operations. Many jobs will be lost forever. The capital was cheap; growth was supreme. Now it is about survival and profitability. So many non-essential roles are getting cleaned up. Some firing incidents […]


I had an interview scheduled with a successful founder last day. I have revived aroundstartups podcast and mostly talking to founders. What was supposed to be a pre-interview conversation went on for an hour. We later realized it was an interview, not a coffee conversation. It was more like two listening and learning from someone […]