Alibaba’s world!

I spent time reading the book title: Alibaba’s world, written by an early employee, ex-pat. The scale at which Alibaba operates is phenomenal. Its contribution to China’s economy is noteworthy. What fascinated me most about Alibaba is connecting the villages, small-time creators sell goods while staying and working at their remote hometown. The work and […]


We are living in a fast-paced world. New-age companies like tinder, Amazon, Slack, Uber has it in their DNA. Pace is the mantra for Gig-economy. At the same time, delivery agents and warehouse workers are turning into slaves. Build fast and break things are the new age startup, growth strategy. Hire and fire are the […]


Can you match the salary of your team member with what your well-funded competitor has offered him? Some people move for better pastures and, you cannot stop them. Change and moving on is a continuous journey of our life. We have build capitalism, our society on money and most follow it. On the contrary, what […]


I have been getting advice from people who are successful in selling or marketing. The problem with me is that I am not a believer in either. I apply the JTBD approach to sales. It is popular in product development. I have written about “Jobs to be done” earlier in detail. Pillers of Jobs to […]


I keep reading tweets and hearing from others about how to build successful startups. The thing is most of these are someone’s experience or playbook from some university professors bestseller. These are unique and, 9/10 times will not fit with your journey. One sentence we keep repeating ourselves among us is: nobody should die in […]

customer culture system

The playbook of Frank Chamberlain as narrated by Michel Basche in his book customer culture. Frank defined the playbook as keeping customers in the core and making organizations, employees, and stakeholders successful via these. Vision: The overriding objective(and vision) is to become profitable. We will do everything possible to become profitable. And all are responsible. […]