In the book “What you do is who you” are Ben Horowitz has a shared cultural checklist for founders building companies. Cultural Design: Culture should be the same who you are in real life or professional.  Cultural Orientation: Monkey see, monkey do. Ensure the newer employees are mentored well to join your bandwagon. Shocking Rules.   […]


Ben Horowitz in his book “What you do who you are” about Slack’s culture. Smart Humble Hardworking Collaborative Slack’s founder says every Slack employee should have these virtues.  It got me thinking about how most startups are paying 100X salary and taking bullshit from A performers. The toxic culture at many big billion companies is […]


We consume information, news, content in many ways. As per the author of category creation, these are the common modes.   Visual: consists of images, pictures.  Musical: sound and music. Verbal: words, speech, and writings. Physical: body, hands, and sense of touch.   Logical: requires cognitive capabilities  Social: where actions are taken in collaboration Solitary: where actions […]


I have been told time and again by my friends that Indian customers are stringy to price. Most haggle irrespective of their income or wealth. My friends say we Indians don’t have the desire to progress or willingness to pay. We like to continue doing donkey work rather than paying for automation. I do not […]