podcast notes : X-Unicorn(7)

Last evening was listening to Karthik’s X-Unicorns podcast, where he interviewed Prashant, founder of EaseMyTrip. There are a few takeaways for me from the interview as a founder.

 EaseMyTrip is a bootstrapped ticket reservation platform run by Prashant and his two brothers. The company has been listed in India and is now a public limited. 

  1. Enjoy the journey. Don’t make too many plans. 
  2. Empower and inspire from within the organization. As a bootstrap company budget is limited, and you need more believers, especially the early team. 
  3. Be Frugal. Don’t compete with others on discounts and other marketing ploy. Let customers pick you over your service. 
  4. Be Flexible. EaseMyTrip started as B2B, and much success came from B2C.
  5. The customer is the king. Treat customers well. They are your evangelist. 
  6. Share the pie. Don’t keep all the profit to yourself, but distribute with stakeholders, customers, and teams. 
  7. Keep things simple. People use EaseMyTrip for ticket booking, focus on it, and give experience around it simple instead confusing customers.