Developing a product for a newer market is a black box. We know nothing; the market research and user interview have their limitations. A lot comes with the founder’s conviction and a limited set of anchor customers. It has been my learning while building B2B software for over four years. The brain gets tempted to […]


Is it our culture, education system, or society that craves newcomers for being spoonfed or micromanaged? In my limited experience, I have seen most dislike in figuring out things: be it with life decisions, education, skill acquisition, or work. I have been interviewing candidates for various roles in the last few months, and most of […]


A leader’s job is not to be right. Their job is to ensure an organization is working together as an operating system. They have to ensure that the team is motivated and aware of overall milestones and companies vision. It is the team and togetherness which guarantees any organization’s success. The cult leadership creates a […]

On Leadership, Robert Iger

Robert Iger is executive chairman of Walt Disney and was formally CEO of the company. In his book: The Ride of his Lifetime, he talks about his leadership principles.¬†  Robert’s shared his leadership principles in the book’s prologue.  Optimism  Courage Focus Decisiveness Curiosity  Fairness Thoughtfulness Authenticity  Integrity The relentless pursuit of perfection  I let you […]


I was on a call with Ajey today: one take away was WHAT? As a founder knowing “WHAT” drives “HOW”. Our journey becomes less painful. We then start seeking for How. In short, “What” brings clarity and depth to our purpose.


I was reading a WSJ article on the death of Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos. It makes me wonder how someone with all the achievements and accumulation had so much emptiness within. The article cites drug usage, alcohol consumption, and other methods Tony was experimenting with himself. How much wealth or professional success matters when […]