On willpower

I was reading the book: One Thing, in one section, the author talks about willpower. I liked it and made notes of the same, sharing it here.

1. Willpower is limited, spend it wisely.
2. Be full belly, this way willpower.
3. Do what matters in the first half of the day. This is the time when willpower is on prime.
4. Do not fight with your willpower.
5. Build a system which acts as a cover for willpower.
6. Don’t spread your willpower too thin.

What screws up willpower.

1. Implementing new behavior.
2. Filtering distractions.
3. Suppressing emotions.
4. Taking tests.
5. Resisting aggression.
6. Resisting temptations.
7. Trying to impress others.
8. Doing something you hate.
9. Coping with fear.
10. Selecting long-term over short-term rewards.