Most of my friends are in a relationship be it by virtue or marriage or commitment. I am not going to argue if it is fear of missing out or societal pressure for this bondage.

Some of my friends are not happy, they are treated like trash by their partners. Most of the time they will act normal about it all but the situation changes after few pints of beer.

You may ask, why can’t the breakup and pursue a better partner?
The simple reason is “Sunk Cost Fallacy“.
The sunk cost fallacy occurs when people irrationally continue an activity that no longer meets their original expectations. But why would anyone do this? Why not quit? The reason they don’t quit is because of the time, money, and energy they’ve already invested.

Our human mind is not rational. We forget about our well being and happiness. We continue living on autopilot. We continue treated like trash because of our investments.