On Softbank

I know Covid19 has had the biggest impact on a shared economy. Companies like Uber, WeWork, OYO are struggling to stay afloat. Layoff stories are everyday things now.

Matayoshi Son, the visionary behind Softbank fund is in the midst of all these crises. His vision fund 1 had to right off many investments. Venture Capital investments model works on binary return, either you get it all or go bonkers. It does not guarantee home runs on all investments.

Son’s vision is with OYO, Uber, or WeWork has been changing the entire market dynamics. Son has bet high on the sharing economy and a big believer of singularity. No one is left unhurt from the result of covid19, some are suffering more.

Sitting on the other side of the fence and giving an expert opinion or writing boom/bust piece for page hits is very easy. What is difficult is building, believing, and taking huge bets.

Lastly, chances are the phone with which you are writing your angry tweets would be running ARM, backed by Softbank.