Product development has many levers. A customer will not just switch to your product on your premise of being better. They would like a first-hand experience. At the same time, not all customers are equal, each has its unique pain and desire to progress.

It is important to stay in a bigger vision while listening to the customer and delighting them. It is like crossing stages of some video games with a checklist.

  1. Other software has these features, why and how are you different?
  2. You have built this, it is helpful. What more can you do for me?
  3. You have solved 70% of my challenges, can you now fix the rest of the 30%?

Some of the common questions I get to hear during my sales meetings. In any product development, what matters most is :

  1. Is your software eliminating some pain?
  2. Are you meeting the customers’ desire to progress?  
  3. How much of a habit change your software is adding to the customer’s daily workflow?
  4. Will the customer pay a fair price?
  5. How much can a customer trust you?
  6. What is the switching cost involved?
  7. What incentives your software provides every stakeholder in the case of Enterprise SaaS?

Meditating over these questions will help in building a product with a clear focus and a goal.