Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky have written in length about human bias. How we make decisions and how biased we are. Today is Dussehra, a Hindu festival. I am missing my parents and food. My brain is taking a tour of the past. Another instance, flashlights at the back of an auto made me miss […]


In 2018, everyone is selling happiness. Be it Tinder, new bigger iPhone or your boss. Writers have become millionaires by teaching you how to be happy. What exactly is happiness, is it something one can buy or own? For some getting extrinsic appreciation acts as motivation. This is what has made all social media apps […]


1. We are obsessed, since birth we are taught to be obsessed. It can be family values or maintaining the leftover fame of our forefathers. 2. We are granted name along with religion/caste, yet again we are told to be obsessed about the same. 3. We enter school and taught math, science, English again we […]