2012 passing, 2013 welcome!!

To start with Happy New Year 2013 in advance!!




I been in Chennai for almost 2 years now, i don`t have anything good/bad/ugly 2 say on that.

Foss confs

I been lucky 2 attend OSCON, UDS, and many other conference happening in India like Gnunify, Pycon, OpenStack Day. It was great experience meeting so many great technology folks and sharing like minded ideas. I am still too young in front of all the guys. I am trying to learn and get better as time progresses.


2012 has been a great year in technology exposure for me. I was lucky 2 be part of OpenStack and Ubuntu projects. I am still learning and will keep contributing from my side whatever way i can.

Reading & Music

2012 has been year i spent reading a lot of fiction mainly written by Khushwant Singh and listening to Sufi songs by Abida Parveen and Nusret Fateh Ali Khan. I also last night realized that fusion music is good for ears. 🙂

Whats in store for 2013 ?

Well only God can predict that but as human i have few things i would love to spend my time on.

1. Technology 

I would like to spend sometime understanding Ceph and internals of OpenStack projects especially Quantum. I would also like to understand the whole concept of High Availability in cloud computing and Openstack in particular. I would also like to pick up puppet or chef or salt along with Juju which i already use.

2. Conference

I would love to participate in OpenStack Design summit, UDS, FOSDEM, OSCON, Deployconf this year. I wish i could make it all. 😀

3. Others

This year i am going to get in habit of blogging/blogging/blogging every week at least. I contributed few articles already for muktware (http://www.muktware.com/5031/atul-jha) in 2012 but i want to add a lot more in 2013.

Bootstrap clouders.in with weekly podcast from cloud/PAAS/Big Data/Monitoring/others industry folks early next year. I am making list of guest for coming 6 months. If your interested to be my guest let me know. 🙂

Start taking photographs of all the trips and roaming i do. I visited so many places around Chennai without camera and missed to capture moments. 🙁

Focus/Focus/Focus I really need to spend less time on social media, i was lucky to do later part of 2012 but i want to bring it further down in 2013.

Last but not the least i think i should try some formal cloths as well, All this while in 5 yr career i have been a t-shirt/Jeans/Converse guy. I am unsure if i can really achieve this, fingers crossed. 😀


Smart auto-wala in Chennai, for a change!!

Chennai is known for there fucked up/creepy autowalas. They will literally rob you if they realize you are not local. Even they act like morons with locals.

So like every weekday i was out from my office around 8.30 pm waiting for auto and i was welcomed by an autowala. So my rule is just tell them 100 RS and where you want to go. This guy spoke in fluent English and after few minutes started speaking in Hindi. I was totally shocked as it was first time in 2 yrs i found an autowala speaking in fluent Hindi. My first question to him “Bhaiya do you watch lots of Hindi movie? Your hindi is way better than ordinary folks in Chennai. His response was he knows 7 other languages 🙂

We kept on talking and he told me how he spent most of his life previously in Gulf and then Maldives. He learnt lot other languages while work tenure abroad.

Lastly he said money is not everything family/parents matters as well and hence after 9 years staying abroad i returned back.

For first time in 2 yrs stay here in Chennai i felt great about autowalas 🙂

Bull temple, Bangalore and friends

I was in Bangalore last week for OpenStack Day. I spent my Sunday meeting Bhavi and Shastry. It was great meeting them both. Also not to mention i had awesome lunch at Bhavi`s house cooked by her mom. A traditional kannada food i would assume, 3-4 varieties of rice and it was delicious. I should have taken some photographs of it but i was busy eating. 🙂

 And this is what i saw on Bhav`s door step. I liked it and was worth a click. 😀





Then later in the evening Shastry arrived and we had hot coffee and then we started for evening trip around Bangalore. Since we were in Old Bangalore, shastry suggested we should see/roam in some park. I don`t remember the name of that park but it was nice the other thing was on stones people curved there name with whom they love and all. 🙂

Then we headed to Bull Temple, although both were too lazy to take off our shoes so we preferred staying out and clicking some pics and reading about the history of the temple.


Lastly once we were out we tried some photography skill of ours and took this snap, i just loved the color of sky that particular moment.

Then we went to a place called Food Street with so many shops catering all variety of food, it was awesome. It gave me a feeling am in Chandni Chok, Delhi. But later on we decided we will go to another road side shop in nearby area & yes i tried fried idly for first time, it was great. We had dosa/idly and then Shastry dropped me to bus stop. We have decided next trip we will continue our food trail and visit some other places. The day was full of variety of food, i loved it. 😀

Vedanthangal trip Chennai

I should have blogged about it long.
So for those who don`t know, i am in Chennai and occasionally i get chance to roam around the city.Vendanagal trip was one of those occasion , me Rashid/Yogesh/Johnson in Johnson`s car made a trip to this place.

Vendanagal  is a place where u see all kind of migratory birds coming in. I loved the trip and took some photographs as well

Not to forget got some photography tips from Johnson and Yogesh. 🙂


Book Review: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Publisher : Packtpub

Author: Kevin Jackson (@itarchitectkev)

This is one of the few published book on OpenStack. It uses Essex release of OpenStack. It uses Ubuntu Linux as base Operating System. All components Glance, Horizon, Keystone, Nova & Swift are explained along with installation steps along with both native OpenStack API and Eucatools(Ec2 API).  One just needs a laptop with Virtualbox installed on his machine to play with each components step by step following the chapters. The book also covers advance topics like image bundling, monitoring. For experienced Cloud Admins the book also covers about stuff like HA. It also provides Orchestration using Juju and MAAS Last but not the least the book also has a detailed troubleshooting chapter.

I would strongly recommend this book to someone who wants to get his hand dirty with OpenStack technology.

Event Report: Ubuntu Developer Summit, UDS-r

Returned yesterday from UDS after successful week long meetup. Thanks to Canonical for sponsoring me.

It was great meeting all Canonical/Community folks. I attended most of the cloud & server tracks.

Last not the least party was great and i had an amazing/terrible experience drinking Pisco bought by my friend from Peru. 🙂



Looking forward to keep contributing to Ubuntu with my help towards documentation around OpenStack, Juju, MAAS.




One more thing on left on screen we have Super Hero < 😀 > @daviey I have troubled/bugged him a lot with all stupid/crazy questions and bugs with OpenStack related packages. I loved his presentation and looking forward to repeat in some  of my talks soon. 🙂