Notes from Reading: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

First thing first, Modern Romance is not a guide for finding hook-up or soulmate. 🙂

ok let’s continue further. Aziz Ansari is a seasoned standup comedian. He wrote this book mentioning his encounter with women via online dating. The book mostly talks about all sides of online dating & how horizon of meeting THAT PERFECT MATCH has changed.  His finding are backed with data.  I can admit that I had no clue that dating is a science. One has to learn it and like excel in it.

Some of the most weird learning :

  1. If a someone says she is busy, it means she is not interested [considering you asked her out more then once]
  2. Dating is a big pool with options & everyone is in hurry, kind of photo you put as profile picture can make break it [tinder era]
  3. Your response time to a msg also decides on your chances by other side [like really WTF]
  4. Don’t start conversation with just hello [umm, talk about Donald Trump maybe]
  5. Repressive society/countires like gulf youths are making full use of dating, they organize hotel parties meetups. [socializing under burqa via online dating platform]
  6. Online dating has given rise to cheating. [umm.. ok]
  7. People these days breakup via whatsapp, Imsg [I am not surprised]
  8. Sexting is a big thing & most youth are fine with it. [apparently it is a breather for long distance relationship]
  9. Open Relationship is a trend and both partners are cool with it. [umm… once in while we will find some one else via dating site & go hookup]
  10. While some people blame online dating for many problems, many folks are getting married. [yum, people getting married after swiping RIGHT via Tinder]

Umm.. All I can say, I had great weekend and good learning/understanding after reading this. Thanks Aziz , peace Brother. 🙂

Tip: Hear him say a lot on same on Netflix , he sums up these issues beautifully there. 😀