I am fascinated by achievement of  Ibn Battuta, his travel achievement of 7400+ miles.  Being a muslim, he traveled most part of the world where Islam was practiced. I am not sure if this was the reason for him not getting credit he deserved by the western historians.

This post is not enough about his journey details, i have added footnote with references for more detailed read.

Some notes about his life & journey I made :

  1. He was born in family of scholars and judges in .
  2. He started his first journey at age of 21 years for Mecca to become the best known traveler to the world.
  3. When he returned back home, his parents were dead and his country under threat by the christian ruler.
  4. His resolution was not to travel same route more than once but found himself in Delhi twice & mecca 4 times. 🙂
  5. He practised Sufism.
  6. During his entire journey he traveled over 40 country including India, China, Russia & most parts of Africa.
  7. He was appointed as ambassador to China by sultan of Delhi. [Never imagined this part]

I am yet to find an interesting book to read about him & his journey.  I found  From pilgrim to world traveler: Ibn battuta  really interesting. I will update the blog as I find more references.