Report: ilug chennai meet & natty release party

I been traveling across colleges and places in India so from now onwards i will be putting all details and information about it on my blog. I been escaping it for a while.

Its been almost 3 months for me in Chennai and finally i attended LUG-Chennai meet up. Thanks to Srini for giving me lift for the venue as am yet to become familiar will bus routes in Chennai.

Before reaching at venue we got chips, coke and some other snacks for the meetup as we were celebration natty release party. I was very happy to see a gathering of around 40 people at the venue.


There were some other talks as well like government of India spoken-tutorial initiative and a student giving introduction to google`s GO programming language.










Lastly we had a our youngest member took the dias and spoke about natty and its feature with a slide exceeding 150 pages 🙂

I liked the way he demonstrated natty and told others about Unity and other major improvement in the release.

One of the most important thing that happened during the meetup was that we had an uninvited guest a “Monkey”, yes he was in the party too. I offered him some chips and he eat it with fun 😀

Overall i would say although i missed most of the old fellows of Ilug-Chennai as srini was the oldest of the present members there.

I hope to meet them regularly now for the meetup.