What i want to See in my Google plus : wishlist

To start with neither Google has paid me to write this nor i dislike WebEx or Facebook. Google has always changed the technology tread and yes they failed too sometime, like Google Wave.
I love Google and its most important part of my web life. I got google plus and i was thrilled to see many features like circles, streams and hangouts. I can easily create a circle with college friends, office friends, family and stream my stuff to them. cool stuff, i always wanted that in facebook. 🙂

So there is another feature which interests me most its hangout. I can invite a particular circle of mine and all of us can chat/talk and share cam. Its just fantastic. 🙂

What i see google plus is :–

1. A tool/platform more than just a social media.
2. Google Plus can be used easily to provide online education to millions of poor kids sitting in Africa and Asia.
3. It can be used as a tool for live question answer session for “President`s” address to public. (hoping some day white house joins and adds people to Circle ) 😀
4. Provide private companies there own circle to use plus as social media along with strong interaction tool.
5. Most of the NGO needs a platform for spreading the word and google plus will be best hangout.

What all features (wishlist) i want integrated in google plus :-

1. Integration of slideshow inside google hangout. I wonder why there is no slides.google.com ? When google docs is capable of converting everything as slides why/what is stopping it from this?
2. Remote screen sharing.
3. Online Chat classification on basis of circles and feature to be available for only desired groups. (its doable i know, some tweak with ejabbed which google uses)
4. Wikipedia page listing like “sparks” 🙂

I know we human are always in desire of something more, and since Google is god we can get everything from there. 😀

I will add more wish list as i explore google plus more. 😀