Newbies guide to joining Cloud Ecosystem !!

Its been over a year i joined the cloud ride. I would be honest with reason to come up with this blog.

Folks walking in IRC channel asking questions which is more related to there OS than the cloud product.

It was like they just had a “joint” and in 30 minutes they want to have there Infrastructure as cloud service running (IaaS). I will not go in details as if it was his professor who forced him to do it in such short timeline or its his boss who wants him to look for FOSS alternatives to available proprietary products.  I have termed “Cloud Hippie

This is why i am writing this blog, just don`t be one of the “Cloud Hippie” 🙂

                                   Before you jump on cloud
Points to ponder
1. building blocks of cloud
As far as i know these are the 3 main building block of IaaS
1.1 OS
Please spend sometime, in case you have never used any Linux Distribution and once your familiar with it move to next. In case you think WTF am talking about, yeah i have seen people wanting to deploy IaaS without basic Linux Admin skill set. 🙁
1.2 Virtualization
Try to read up on what Virtualization is? What is it all about.
Which one you want to use (Kvm/Xen). Basic concept behind it.
1.3 Networking
Its you who knows about your network architecture, number of interface cards you are using and all. How will i know about your routing and sub netting.
2. Knowing your IaaS
Market is full of alternatives Cloudstack/Eucalyptus/Openstack and others.
You have to understand what exactly you want to achieve, set your priorities in place.
2.1 Programming language its written.
It becomes easy to understand how things work if you go through the code.
2.2 Basic idea about each components.
Every IaaS has its own components. If your using Eucalyptus you will find
terms like NC/CC/Walrus & if using Openstack you will find
nova/glance/swift/keystone.  Go through the blog, basic install guide try to know some basics about the service you finally want to deploy.
3. What do you want finally?
So now once you have done your homework.
3.1 Hypervisor (Kvm/Xen)
You will be easily in position to decide what hypervisior you are going to use according to your internal needs.
3.2 Operating system (Ubuntu/Fedora/Redhat)
After reading through basic documentation you can easily decide which distribution it is more easy to deploy and maintain. Remember you also need to get regular security updates, bug fixes as well. 🙂
4. Getting Help
This is the crossroad. You tried everything still in pain/bleeding. It might be bug, your typo in config file or anything.
4.1 Forum
Most projects has a place where people discuss when they are stuck or even when they have something to share. Trust me in most cases many others would have stuck where you are currently.
4.2 Visit IRC
This is where the devs sit, don`t ask ASL there.  Trust me not everyone is paid to answer your questions unlike very few. So be polite and ask questions without demanding or cribbing 🙂
4.3 Go to the mailing list
 Join the mailing list of the project to know more whats happening inside.
5. Contribute
5.1 Report bugs, whats wrong/missing.
Every project needs people to find issues. Launchpad or other hosted platform has inbuilt bug reporting tool. 🙂
5.2 Write a blog explaining your install doc.
Please note any single achievement you have done is incredible, spreading it will help other newbie.
5.3 Help others at IRC/Mailing list.
This is your time to join the flock, help those who are stuck 🙂
5.4 Evangelism
Spread the word in your area, you might be only one with this expertise. It will be really cool to help and get more inside community. 🙂
In case i am still not able to make things clear follow big daddy`s guide ” How to ask question in smart way”