Ubuntu Developer Summit and Me

Attending UDS has been one of the biggest thing happened to me in year 2012 i would say so far. 🙂

Its really great to finally meet people face to face with whom you have been interacting all this while on IRC.

I attended/participated most of the talks on server/cloud/juju during week long conference. I also attended Ubuntu Cloud Summit and was great interacting folks from big cloud based enterprises and to know about there big plans on cloud.

Spent good time with  marcoceppi in the juju room to learn tricks and pieces of juju, i have few more charms in my shoulder. It will be pushed soon to launchpad. 😀

I also met Obino and Hspencer from Eucalypus and folks from Cloudstack and Mysql apart from many others. It was great interacting with them all.

I have been telling this all this while Cloud is big and there is room for everyone, the one innovates faster and gets community/support along with gains the most. 🙂

And last night was total fun, honestly its first time i participated in Karaoke and i did well. 🙂

I have uploaded photographs i took during the summit at Google+  

Last not the least thanks to Canoanical for sponsoring me to UDS and giving me opportunity to be part of such awesome ecosystem.