Book Review: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Publisher : Packtpub

Author: Kevin Jackson (@itarchitectkev)

This is one of the few published book on OpenStack. It uses Essex release of OpenStack. It uses Ubuntu Linux as base Operating System. All components Glance, Horizon, Keystone, Nova & Swift are explained along with installation steps along with both native OpenStack API and Eucatools(Ec2 API).  One just needs a laptop with Virtualbox installed on his machine to play with each components step by step following the chapters. The book also covers advance topics like image bundling, monitoring. For experienced Cloud Admins the book also covers about stuff like HA. It also provides Orchestration using Juju and MAAS Last but not the least the book also has a detailed troubleshooting chapter.

I would strongly recommend this book to someone who wants to get his hand dirty with OpenStack technology.