OpenStack Swift in a box (folsom/ubuntu 12.04)

Last week i was at PES IT college, Bangalore  for a workshop on OpenStack Swift. I had to get them (students) a hands on of the same.

So i went through the video & resources which Joe Arnold created explaining about swift. ( So essentially what i have done here is extension of what was explained on Swiftatack site but customized it to my need. 🙂

The thing was i was not able to find the script which can help me install Swift via Ubuntu repository on a fresh Ubuntu machine so what i did was , i went thought the official swift in a box guide & wrote a simple script which installs swift for you once you have Ubuntu 12.04 up and running along with cloud archive in place in your apt.sources.list.

Lastly thanks to my friend Hugo Ko  who been great help in in fixing some errors i was getting cos of the file system permissions. I owe you a beer Hugo 😀

Custom virtualbox  Image for Ubuntu 12.04 can be found from here


Virtualbox Image (swift : swift are the credentials for default login user:password )  :

Custom Script for installing swift on ubuntu 12.04

I hope it helps everyone one wants to play with swift in a box with tempauth. Also i have not done anything awesome incredible here because most of it is already available at many places.

I have added it all on Bitbucket as well Happy “Forking”  

Hope it helps!!  🙂