Things i like about Chennai

I been here for over two and half years. So felt like writing what i feel about this place.

Most people think Chennai only famous for veg food like dosa/idli/appam that is not correct. I was lucky to try nice Chettinad non-veg food along with variety of seafood.

Yes thats me eating drumstick chicken & non-veg thali at amma`s

I know it must be surprising as what i have heard from most of my friends that people here are not very welcoming to north indians. I was lucky so far & having great time here. Autowalas as ass everywhere & they are no different in Chennai.

Tamil culture is very old & vast in itself. I enjoyed seeing one or the other festival people celebrate here including the one where they take gods out from temple for a walk/ride.

If am correct then linux user group chennai is the only LUG left in our country which is active & holds regular monthly meetups. I have been part of it & presented as well in couple of occasions.

Last not the least i have made some great friends here who are going to remain part of my entire life no matter where i go.

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