Why i love traveling & preferably alone

 Why Alone?

When am alone its like am naked, out of comfortability zone.  I have to do my own shit & its a fun/learning experience. It makes me more independent & extrovert in my day to day life.


Reasons why i love traveling?



Chicken Changezi [Nov Vegetarian delight]
Chicken Changezi [Nov Vegetarian delight]
Chole Bhature [much liked North Indian cuisine]

I am a foodie & one main reason i travel is to go try out local cuisine. India is so big every 100-200 KM one will find different food habit like other parts of world.



Saint enjoying panipuri [Pushkar]
Buddhist Monk [Ladakh]
I get to meet interesting people most of the time they are welcoming. At times some of them end up becoming friends for life. Talking to them gives you a feeling that we are facing same issues & we are striving for same i.e making our life better.



Mandrem Beach [Goa]

When am on road 90% times i prefer staying away from Internet & other connected devices. It brings much needed peace of mind. I get more time to think about myself & do some retrospection.



Priests on way to offer prayer to Madurai Meenakshi temple.


I get to see a lot of interesting practices. The way people in particular region offer prayers, how they celebrate a particular festival & all.