Thoughts after attending Gophercon India


At the successful completion of the first-ever Go conference in India, I was proud to be part of the Go programming centric event ‘GopherCon India’ held in my city,Bengaluru. I’m Atul Jha, community manager for The New Stack and I absolutely had a great time participating at the GopherCon  event held last week.

As part of the open source languages, Go also referred to as golang, is a programming language that was developed by Google. The Go language community in India organized the GopherCon India to showcase the importance of this language by inviting esteemed speakers from around the world to share their experiences of using golang.

Organizing any event is no cake walk and I can definitely relate to it after helping organize and Open Stack India Day. The stipulation to be successful includes striking a performance balance with sponsors and guests alike. Meeting demands and satisfying audiences is largely challenging, but in the end the results of the event speak for themselves.

At GopherCon India, the event saw an invitee list of about 350 participants from various part of India and abroad. Gophercon mainly showcased developers but free tickets were sponsored to students to participate and they did justice to the invite.I was fortunate to get a chance to interact with some highly skilled set of people from veterans, colleagues and a good set of golang contributors.

Here is my note analysis of the event from my perspective that made me believe in the success of attending GopherCon India. Looking forward to their return soon as the overall event was indeed prosperous and very effective for learners like me.

  1. Look out, Go is turning out to be an interesting language especially due to its attractive feature of concurrency.
  2. At the conference, many speakers highlighted that companies are investing in moving their infrastructure from  Python, Ruby, Nodejs to Go.
  3. Go makes static packaging extremely seem accessible which prevents the need for innate  dependency.
  4. Unlike in some other programming languages, with Go you have to keep an open mind & ignore the idioms of the older programming languages.
  5. Go is still evolving. For the same number of CMS or frameworks in php/python, Go offers a few,namely Revel, Goji, beego among others.
  6. Like any other growing open source project, documentation is one area where Go needs assistance.
  7. Docker is written in Go, incase finding a job is your prime motivation
  8. Go community is very welcoming & inclusive to all. If you find yourself brimming for completion, all you have to do is just ask for help.
  9. Go is already used in various interesting domains like image processing, IoT, electronics and they proclaim that it is just the beginning.
  10. At the event, I made some fine friends and I am hoping to stay in touch with for sure. It was really captivating to be invited to visit Mexico & Romania by some of my companions.  .

Visit to start using Go. I am hopeful with regular meetups in India, we will be able to build a greater community of Go in India and start seeing more contributions from India as we are doing with Python, Ruby, OpenStack and many more.