Notes from OpenStack summit, Vancouver

I was very ecstatic  to attend the recently concluded OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. While the summit was the main focal point of my trip, I was elated to bump into my friends and colleagues. After almost five years I was reunited with my very old friend Razique & Heiko.During the initial days of the documentation project I was involved in working with these guys, it was a joy to be reunited again. At the summit I also met Alex & Sam from The New Stack team and we got to discuss about the future of Openstack.

During dinner at Vietnamese food joint, we made a small podcast about the event besides writing down a post on determining the health of the OpenStack project.

Below are some of my notes determined from the overall event itself:

  1. The event venue was simply fabulous where WIFI worked most of the time and saw an attendance of over 6000+ attendees.
  2. The format of the event was modified to include container day as well as OPNFV day, a good initiative to widen the ecosystem.
  3. Seems like everyone is talking about OpenStack , even those who mocked it during inception.
  4. Containers was the buzzword. Everyone was talking about it.
  5. During the initial days, the champions for projects were acquired by traditional vendors.
  6. A lot of developers and early advocates have moved on to newer things which brings about new faces and talent. I guess it is a part of the overall evolution process.
  7. Neutron and OpenStack documentation is still an unsolved mystery and I am not sure if it can be solved.
  8. OpenStack has a total of twelve integrated projects that will explode in a year and the foundation is working on better ways to manage them.
  9. The marketplace where vendors were showcasing product was absolute fun, most of them had no projects specific to OpenStack.
  10. Accepting one click upgrade option inside OpenStack was considered wishful thinking. Now vendors like Red Hat, Mirantis or Canonical will be able to do it for your enterprise.
  11. It was good to see representatives from almost all major system integrators in India attending the summit and wanting to be part of it.

The next summit is to be held  in Tokyo, I personally have no idea if I will be present, but given the opportunity I may just go.Last but not the least thanks to OpenStack Foundation for keeping the project intact for a successful period of five years. Here’s to hoping the momentum continues.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.59.08 AM
Sajid, Kavit & Me [Our team of OpenStack India coordinators ]