Beer Hopping In Vancouver


There is no disputing my ultimate love for Beer and for evidence to prove that I profusely love my beer, I went around beer hopping with a couple of friends in Vancouver.  Here is the post to express that one such event that led my friends Razique, Anna and I to indulge in a beer hopping spree in Canada. Our redeeming pit stop was Brassneck Brewery. The icing on the cake came when we visited BRASSNECK BREWERY that made us fall head over heels for it.

Naturally, I jotted down a small list of impressions that I really liked about the place. It is important to note that the place itself is quite small and packs a crowd in the evenings, so get there early to be seated.

  1. Ambiance: Beginning with ambiance, the surrounding was totally cool with apt signs and visual paintings that comprised the inner decor and elevated the feel of the pub itself.
  2. Beer: They have an incredible list of options to pick from for beer. If you are a new drinker you just let the bartender [lady, in my case] know about kind of beer you generally prefer. I went with something on the lines of hoppy, sweet, ale or cider.
  3. BYB: Yes they had the option to take your beer home which is unlawful in our country. Imagine if I could take my beer home from a microbrewery back in the city.
  4. Friendly service: With ambience so peppy, the staff needed to be welcoming and cordial they were. I loved the idea of filling beer into those home delivery bottles(of which I’ve made video of)
  5. Snacks: The place serves a variety of snacks but considering my no beef or pork consumption I played it safe and stayed with some plain ol’ french fries.

For more on the events that unfolded in my beer hopping to Brassneck Brewery, please do refer to the following links. I would recommend you to view this video that I made depicting how the beer is packaged for sale. Special thanks to Ian for showing us around and letting me shoot this video.