Startup Ideas #2


In continuation with my previous post to share startup ideas that I would love to see flourish, here is my second post with more adept ideas that should become startups.

Startup Ideas For The Week:

Brewery Review: The whole concept of the microbrewery scene in India is really expanding beyond imagination. A brewery with the sole purpose to produce beer that is consumed in-house is now catching up with the masses. In Bangalore, we have over 20 established microbreweries. The sad thing is that nobody writes about or publicizes them. I was thinking maybe an app/portal that would review and inform beer lovers to explore microbreweries around India would be a good idea.

Emoji App: I love this one. Picture an appchat  that  lets you communicate with emojis, barring all text to elevate the science of communicating with pictures. Like me, there maybe several who hate typing long sentences to communicate and instead will be more than happy to have a conversation via emojis.

Mentor: The app name itself is self explanatory- have a portal that provides aid and assistance to help mentor youngsters across various domains from sports, education to psychology and rehab.

NewsFeed: To curb the amount of newsflow daily, a good idea is to have selective subscription to read news in short textual summaries. In a hurry, it is difficult to go through an entire news article. By simply receiving a short summary, you can read it and if you want to know more visit and, download the entire article.  People will be happier if they get summarised text news of interest from a single app for news source

Erase: Ever wonder how much information will be available once you depart? It is important to have some app/service that erases and removes all the identity from social media once a person expires.

These are my ideas for the week. I would love to hear back from you, I know some of these ideas may sound crazy but what benefits some could also be a waste for another, hence choose wisely.