Encounter with Indian Ocean


Saturday I along with Archit & Krishna went for Indian Ocean concert, Shastry you get all the credits for letting me know about this buddy. 😀

I am a big fan of Indian Ocean and on record this was first time in my life i attended any live concert. Apology if I am hurting someone but my prejudice has always been that  live concerts are all about alcohol/weed/women & BS.  I was not wrong because even at this concert I witnessed the same.

It was great interacting with the old folks Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam [Member of Indian Ocean Band], I was not sure if  i should go and say hello to them because of my fucked up experience with Manoj Bajpayee at Patna airport.  Rahul/Amit were so down to earth and yes we had good conversation for over 10-15 mins, unlike others I preferred not taking any pics with them. I am fucking tired of my friends taking selfies with folks/celebs and sharing it on social media.

The whole environment was eccentric and to my surprise a lot many attendees were lead singers and guitarists from small/local bands. They were attending the event to learn from it.

I am happy that they played all the numbers i been listening all these years from Bhor to kandisha. I wish them all the luck, BTW  sushmit has left the band & yes its sad. But as they say, SHOW must go on.

indian ocean
Band in full swing, photo credit : Archit

They are coming with next album in 2017 & i am eagerly waiting for it.