Another birthday & set of challenges ahead

Celebrated my birthday few days back, like most  I too have some plans for this year.

  1.  Finish one book every week
  2. Write everyday
  3.  Get more proficient in Python and learn more in field of data science
  4.  Improve on speaking skills aka soft skills
  5.  Pick up some statistics
  6.  Become more aware about self and in taking any decisions, keeping prejudice and bias away
  7.  Call parents twice a week and video conference once in month
  8. Work even harder and improve on my skills so that I don’t have to work for anyone else in life
  9. Take break and visit Mother Nature  every 3 months
  10.  Avoid distractions aka social media consumption
  11. Speak less & avoid giving unsolicited advice, everyone is smart and are well equipped with source of knowledge
  12. Speak at 2-3 tech conference & engage, learn from smart developers
  13. Take control on personal finance and diversify the investment
  14.  Get into habit of sleeping early
  15. Learn speaking and communicating in either Nepali or Bengali fluently.
  16. Finish up publishing the e-books, content of which are sleeping in my google drive for ages
  17. Publish few podcasts every month

I am happy with the fact that I was able to put in system for most of what i wanted to improve on , need to complete with the Star Trek series.

With age:

  1. Stop giving FUCK on things which are meaningless to us
  2. More importance to personal health
  3. Start searching for that group to sail you though for life, friends are important
  4. Become more empathic
  5. Become more forgiving