Being Authentic

Everyone is trying to be like someone else, everyone is looking for success mantra – from reading blog posts of famous entrepreneurs, learning about their daily routines to copying  some hip hop artist look. We have turned into breed of copycats, but for what? Why can’t we be authentic, be as we are?

We are conditioned by our environment (parents, family, teachers, peers, supervisors) to be, act, behave and talk in a society defined protocol. Those who obey it are incentivized to keep at it and others are ostracized.

How many of us are really creative at our workplace? Do we do work the way we want to? How many of us are not micromanaged?

The dynamics created in the early days of capitalism are still widely followed. It was Henry Ford who came up with 40 hour (9-5) work weeks for his factory workers. Since then, we have injected it all domains like work horses/donkeys.

Employees high on coffee and in perfectly micromanaged environment work from early in the morning to the late evening. Some of the lucky ones get incentives like free dinner or free transport and end up working even more hours.

There is no creativity because there is no freedom. Most of the time it is all about copying the design and workflows of competitors.   

On the  weekends we are riding on the consumerism boat shopping merchandises from brands who are able to sell us the feeling of being authentic.

If a guy starts crying over his misery when he is drunk, everyone asks him to be a man and not cry. I have no fucking clue who came up with this shit. All of us cry.

When every decision of our life has turned into a checkbox or todo list, is there any scope left for being authentic?