A year older and wiser

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday. I traveled to my hometown and spent the day with my parents.

I don’t have much to crib/complain about my life. I am living it moment by moment.

Epictetus says: Life is a journey and we are like travelers. Every moment has its own share.

At the same time, with all my experiences I can say: Life is as we see it.  

I have realized that as we grow old, we get better with detecting bullshit. We  start becoming more logical and rational. The emotional type:1 brain takes a back seat.

I have realized from various life experiences and through reading philosophy that:

The meaningful life = (virtues + logic + reasoning + principle + living in present + healthy eating + physical and mental well being) – (vices + bias + ego + expectations)

I will keep updating the above “meaningful life” algorithm over time.