Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many others were murdered. We got racial equality added in our constitution.

But what about society? Are we treated equally? Has our bias on looks, color, beard or tuban got any better?

We are living in a united country divided by caste, creed, religion and colour. A society where separate plates, teacups serves people from other caste, religion.

We call ourself independent while living in dogma and superstitions.

How easy it is to divide a country and win elections on basis of religion?

Are maulavis and pandits working as agents for the politicians? Or was it written in our holy books to kill people from other religion?

We shoot or lynch people on fake propaganda spread via social media. What has happened to our rationality? Where is our brain and our power of thinking.

A society which turns Inter-religious marriage into a crusade. The leftover division happens over news channels and internet discussions.

Our self consciousness and self knowledge is the only cure. Sending kids to madrasa or temple is not going to make our kids any better.

This divide is turning us into monsters.