I used to be that guy who vouched for multi tasking. As time passed, I’m experiencing its side effects. Doing multiple things at the same time requires our brain to act like a router, throwing packets to different IP addresses. While the router is made for it, our brain is not.

A few months ago, I deleted my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. I have not been using Whatsapp for over a few years now.

I’m experimenting with restricting my twitter and telegram/chat exchanges these days. The experiment is still in its very early days. I am under withdrawal syndrome mode. I have added website blocking apps on all my browsers on laptop. Luckily I don’t need them on my mobile.

I have a few hours allocated in a day to check Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Hacker news. That is my time for cribbing, Interacting and adding footprint for global warming. If this trial goes well, the next step will be deleting Gmail app from mobile and allocating a few hours a day for emails on laptop.

My current life does not require the use of being connected all the time, so I have the luxury of this experiment.  Last year I read Cal Newport book “Deep Work”, I am hoping I can pick up something from It. I am in the journey of acquiring self knowledge and books are my best friends.