Deep work

Reading “Deep Work” made me realize I am wasting my precious time.
We are wasting time in the hyper-connected app-driven world. It is making us less productive.

The author recommends allocating time in chunks for Deep Work. Productivity and deep work are proportional. He gives his example in practicing deep work and being super productive. How well he managed to multitask and taught, wrote research papers and many books.

The author is not saying something out of the box. We all know the side effects of smartphones. It is no different than a slot machine.

In book “Hooked”, Nir Eyal talks about addictive mobile applications.

B.F Skinner experimented on Pigeons what he calls variable rewards. That is what drives us to mobile applications.

Ivan Pavlov did a similar experiment on dogs in his work of classical conditioning.

We are like pigeons and dogs when it comes to instant gratification or habit formation.

Deep Work cites research papers, personal experience, and quotes.

Do we need 250+ page book to understand Deep Work? I doubt it.

Does it deserves to be a best seller? I have no clue.

Socrates told us about self-knowledge. He asked Athenians to throw all the books.

We have to be more aware of time use. One can do that by becoming self-conscious.