How many of us crave for more people in our life?
How many of us want to be part of social gathering?
How many of us miss our childhood days? We were experimenting more without any fear.

With the emergence of the internet and smartphones, we are more connected than before. But from inside we have drifted apart. The relationship we make in the virtual world is transactional.

We are all alone in this crowded world. The rate is even more in the developed countries. The older people tend to suffer most from it.

Older days, we had joint families and took care of each other. Everyone had same friend circle and commune, as no one like now moved out of the village for seeking jobs.

The current scenario is :
* Ailing father is living on his own. He is sick and pays to a maid for taking care.
* Married son is living in another city with his wife/kids. He visits once a year to see his father.
* Young son is struggling to make his life. He is alone in a big city and consuming liquor and narcotics to cope with his loneliness.

This drift and social phenomenon of loneliness are driving us all crazy:
* We are more restless sleepers.
* Suffering from blood pressure
* Our aging has accelerated
* Our immune system has weakened.
* Our cognitive system is on an easy decline

Is there a middle ground? I don’t know.