Broken Dreams

It is so easy to get mad at watchman for taking time in opening door.

It is easy to get angry at the delivery boy for calling up few times for address confirmation.

It is easy to get hyper at cook for adding extra salt by mistake.

It takes an effort to know the story of the watchman, who has traveled 1000 kilometers away from his hometown because he had no opportunity there.

It takes rationality to realize that the delivery boy was born poor and his family could not afford his education. He is sole earner in his family.

It takes empathy to understand that cook’s daughter has been in a hospital for a few weeks, she needs money and can’t take off from the job.

This world is inverted, one side we have everything in abundance. This side craves for more. This side is unhappy.

The other side is just crawling, trying to take a day as it comes. The job security, education or medical care is distant dreams. Who cares for the broken dreams of this side?