Social psychology

Social psychology experiments are a fashionable field. The celebrated author, psychologist Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel prize. He also happens to be the author of the best seller: Thinking fast and slow.

I got to know about this field via Freakonomics and Hidden brain podcast. I was hooked to Social psychology. Fast forward, 600 days later I feel most of these are gibberish and unproven.

I wonder if these authors and researchers did controlled observations and experiments for grants or publishing books.

While watching the marshmallow experiment on YouTube and listening to the research outcome the question kept hitting me: What if the kids were fed marshmallows in all their meals, a week before conducting the experiment.

Power posing, affirmation, similarity, fear, persuasion, etc are all packaged and sold to us.

Thanks to the society signaling, social media noise and smartphone (because we are dumb), these authors are leaving more impact on our consciousness.