On Jamsetji Tata

I spent a few days reading, For the love of India: The life and times Of Jamsetji Tata. Not much has been written, taught about him.

It made me realize the influence of the Parsi community in industrializing India.

Some learnings:

  1. Importance of Education: As a result, Jamsetji IIM, JJ School of Arts and many institutes got opened.
  2. Industrialization: The vision of Jamsetji resulted in opening the cotton industry, Steel Plant, Hydroelectric power plants to name a few.
  3. Keeping a company of great people: Apart from Dadabhai Noroji and friends from his Parsi community were behind him.
  4. Venturing to the unknown: When shipping companies were charging extra for cotton export, Jamsetji opened his own shipping company. It resulted in cutting the monopoly.
  5. Negotiations: I was not aware that Jamsetji was close to both: the Congress party(for building India) and the ruling British government (gaining scientific, technology).

These are too little to write about Jamsetji Tata. I would strongly recommend everyone reading this book. (Thanks to Santosh Panda for recommending).