Van Gogh

I have always liked Van Gogh, the way he captured nature and human expressions. I hope someday I will get to visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. While reading: Van Gogh letters to Theo (his brother), I got to know more about him.

  • He died (killed himself by cutting his ear), remaining poor.
  • He was dependent on Theo, his brother from emotional and financial support.
  • In early days he wanted to be a preacher but since he failed the exams so never got the job.
  • He failed in love many times.
  • He was eccentric.
  • His art teachers/mentors(yup, the finest artist had teachers), disliked his way of paintings.
  • He called himself a peasant painter and lived a good part of his life with the peasants, miners.

I could not bear the pain in reading those letters. I have left reading it half way through.

The positive side of reading this book is, my respect for artists has increased much more. I will prefer not bargaining for buying their artwork.