The term mentor has become a modern day marketing jargon. Social media platform or business cards are embedded with it.

Why do we have to shout and make claims about being a mentor? Early days, a mentor would counsel his/her mentee, see him/her mature, excel in life. Our current construct has made mentorship a consumerized product. Anyone can become a mentor and everyone can buy it.

Until and unless you are connected with the person, respect him/her and open for taking criticism. How can you be mentored?

I have reached this far in my life because I got lucky and had many of them who helped me in shaping where I am right now. I am not saying am perfect, but I admit am better than before. I am getting better every day.

This journey called life has many twist and turns. Having mentors who can shape us, accept our imperfection, guide us to success makes this journey meaningful.