you can?

Going by a self-help book, TED talk, and survivorship bias it seems one can do anything. Everyone is selling us a dream, finding true love, a perfect job or entrepreneurial success path.

Is it really possible for anyone to do anything? I agree we have gotten better over the years and becoming big is not related to a particular family. A small-time boy/girl can work hard and make name for themselves. But these are few success stories, thousand other unsuccessful ones are never shared with the world.

Every single movie, fiction, and romcom talks about true love. FMCG companies run million dollars worth advertisement selling true love. We see them and try to replicate it to our lives, how many have succeeded?

I am not being a cynic but trying to see the world from both sides. Going by Charlie Munger, he says follow and get best at your circle of competence. Know your blind spots. What Charlie says is correct? I don’t know, I have heard a few times how they regret not investing in Google.

We have to take control of our life, our thoughts and what we can and cannot do. We have to be honest with ourselves.

Seeing Instagram influencers or reading the autobiography of billionaires will do no good unless we start seeking from self, asking questions from ourselves.