Renaissance because gig economy along with automation will make us more independent.

Does it mean, robots will clean our lawn and cook for us, I have no idea? But one this is for sure, we will have more time in our hand to kill.

We are anyways seeing the adversity of it: keyboard worriers and propagandist spreading fake news and creating communal clashes.

What can we do which keeps us all occupied?

It can be art, creativity, writing, spending more time with personal hobby.

One positive side of the gig economy is independence, anyone and everyone can make a living on their own terms.

When was the last time we had imagined ordering a car, bike or food over a tiny screen?

I read in a recent news report which said fresh engineering graduates are opting for delivery boy jobs because it gives them more money and independence.

More money because automation will create jobs which will pay well but require great skills and for a fresher, it will be difficult. Thankfully we have not reached that state so far.

My conversation with Subbu and Yashvardhan made me write this. Thank you guys. 🙂