I have spent the last two years with some reading and taking care of myself. I wish I could have done this much earlier. 

One thing I have learned all this time is that our brain by default is a pessimist. Reading Philosophy made me realize the meaning of self-knowledge, observing my thoughts. 

Since our birth, we have been conditioned and told about what we cannot do, which is not possible. Very few kind people guided us to achieve the impossible. Our brain took it as default for everything. As a grown-up, we are paying price for it. 

Do not let the default control our thoughts, guide our actions and make us more miserable. 

  • How will we lose a war without participating?
  • How will we get rejected without proposing?
  • How will we fail without trying?

Keep your monkey mind in control. We need to have positive affirmations, goals and visualize our success. Our life is as we see it. If we are not happy, confident within, how do we expect others to see the opposite in us?